November 2018
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May Star of the Month

Our star of the month for May is lovely young lady Yui.

She has recently become a high school student, and we’re all amazed by how much better her English is getting. In particular, her listening comprehension and her pronunciation are fantastic. She’s currently studying for Eiken Pre-2.

We think she’s doing really well, and we wish her all the best!


April Stars of the Month

Miho and Chihiro are both kindergarten teachers.

It’s less than a year since they started taking lessons at Merry, but they’ve both made a lot of progress in their lessons.

Teaching them is a great pleasure, as they both put in a lot of effort and have fun while they do it.

They are lovely people, and we are looking forward to seeing how they develop in the future.




I will give it my best shot!

The phrase “give it my best shot” means “do my best”, “try hard”. Our little learner Shu-chan is giving it his best shot in class today. We LOVE his sweater to prove it!

The front is really cool too!

Do Your Best!

Mila Sensei is very busy preparing lessons. She has lots of supporters on her computer cheering her on!

Olympic Fever

Ruka made a great poster for her “Sports Olympics” for homework. Great job, Ruka. Keep it up!

Today’s Idiom

Today’s idiom is “coming down with something.” We use this phrase when we feel a little sick and think we might have a cold.

“I can’t stop sneezing! I think I’m coming down with something.”

Motivation to Move

One of our students brought in their new plastic board for writing. We couldn’t resist trying out these exercises in class (in English, of course)!

What’s your favourite move?

Travel planning…

Some of our Young Learners have been planning a trip abroad. Take a look at their presentations below…



Dear Diary…

Our student, Yumiko, has been keeping a diary in English since the start of this year. We love the faces she draws to show how she feels! Here are a couple of examples.

Here is our favourite…

If you would like to keep a diary in English, we would be happy to check it for you at the beginning of each lesson. It is a great way to help level up.


The view from the window

After all the dazzling snow it was refreshing to see this from our office window.