April 2012
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Something Delicious: Arabic Coffee

Arabic coffee is a wonderful drink to have at any time of the day. Its taste is different from other kinds of coffee, but it is delicious and you can enjoy it with dates or cookies. Relax and enjoy a cup of this Arabic drink. Hint: it is better to drink it very hot and [...]

Destination: United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a marvelous country in the Middle East, and also one of the richest countries in the world. It has many extravagant buildings with glamorous designs. You can eat delicious Arabic food, visit many shopping centers, and even haggle for items such as gold.

Burj al Arab Hotel (below) is [...]

Grammar Corner

Please choose the correct answer for the blanks. The answers will be posted next week.   Traveling On/By/In

1. It takes twenty minutes ___ foot to get to the supermarket.

2. Let’s get ___ the train quickly.

3. I went to South Korea ___ boat.

4. I was ___ the car waiting for my mother.


Idiom of the Week: Take it Easy

Relax! Breathe in…and breathe out. Don’t worry about anything. Imagine you are on the beach reading your favorite book or listening to your favorite song. Take it easy means to relax and feel calm, and avoid feeling angry or excited.  

Lisa: I am stressed. Work has been very busy.

Alex: Don’t worry too [...]

Something Tasty: Tembleque

This is a delicious coconut pudding topped with cinnamon that makes many Puerto Ricans feel nostalgic. When Puerto Ricans eat this, they remember their families and childhood. The name comes from the word temblor which means to “shake” or “tremble” in Spanish. This is a wonderful, jiggly, and fun dessert that is perfect for parties, [...]

Destination: Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a small island in the Caribbean. It is famous for its lively culture and vibrant people. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches, visit historic sites, and enjoy traditional food. You can hear salsa music throughout the day, and be astounded by the jazzy rhythm of the drums, guitar, and saxophone.

The [...]

Grammar Corner

Please choose the correct word for the blank. The answers will be posted next week.   Fun / Funny

1. My friend is a ____ person. She tells many jokes.

2. The birthday party was a lot of ____.

3. We had ____ viewing cherry blossoms at the park.

4. My grandma always tells me [...]

On the Fence

On the fence means you cannot decide on something. You don’t know what you should do. You are on the fence until you can make a decision.


Squirrel: I am hungry and tired.

Bird: Will you eat or sleep first?

Squirrel: I don’t know. I’m on the fence. I want to eat [...]

Star of the Month!

The Star of the Month for March, 2012 is Kurita Shin. Shin is a wonderful and hard-working student. He is always a pleasure to teach. Our star of the month enjoys playing billiards, studying English, and eating sushi. Recently, he has been studying very hard for a TOEIC exam and is progressing very well. Keep [...]

Something Tasty: New York Cheesecake!


Warning: New York Cheesecake is sinfully delicious. This wonderful dessert is both rich and smooth. Enjoyed with a fresh cup of coffee, this dessert will leave you completely satisfied. If you can’t make it to New York this summer, then come try a piece of fresh cheesecake here at Merry England Café. Here is [...]