October 2012
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Grammar Corner


(The 007 of sentences.)

When we talk about sentences we sometimes use the word agent. By this we mean the person or thing that does something in the sentence. For example: The cat walked. He took an apple. The apple was eaten by James.

Who is the agent? Underline the right word. The [...]

Idiom of the Week: Catch a Second Wind

If you are feeling tired and doing things slowly but suddenly find new energy, you can call it catching a second wind.

Lily: Grandpa, pick me up! Steve: Dad, you were so tired before. You don’t have to. Grandpa: I’m fine. I caught a second wind.   Mandy: Wow, I didn’t think the builders [...]

Cool Corner: Teabag Cookies

The next time you’re baking cookies and want to have some extra fun, why not try to make these cookies? They are shaped like teabags and dipped in chocolate. Pop a piece of thread through the hole you make at the top, and they look fantastic!

Don’t they look delightful?  


Animal Fun Fact: Koala

The koala is a cute animal that only lives in Australia. Koalas are grey and white, and they only eat eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus leaves are toxic to many other animals, so koalas have strong stomachs! When koalas are on the ground they walk on all four legs. A baby koala is called a ‘joey’, and [...]

Recommendation Corner: Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are was written in 1963 by Maurice Sendak, and is the story about a boy who gets sent to his room after misbehaving. The boy pretends that he sails away from his room and goes to a place where the Wild Things live, and becomes their king. Recently the book was [...]

Grammar Corner


A verb is what is sometimes called a ‘doing word’, like go, walk, and sit. In basic form verbs have ‘to’ in front: To be, to have, to see, to play, to do. Verbs can change to show time, and sometimes who is doing the action.

Which word is the verb? Underline the [...]

Idiom of the Week : Break the Ice

To break the ice is to start talking to or getting to know new people. Before you break the ice you might be a bit nervous or shy.

Dad: Where is Jenna? Mum: She’s building a sandcastle with a new friend. Dad: That’s nice. Children break the ice so quickly.   Daughter: Who broke [...]

Merry Interview: Chris

The happy interviewee for today is our teacher Chris! Chris joined us in May, and has spread his enthusiasm for juggling ever since!

Name: Chris        Age: 38 (1 million!) Good at: playing the guitar.  

Q: What was your first impression of Japan? A: My first impression was that people are [...]

Something Delicious: Tacos

A Mexican dish which is famous all over the world is the taco! It’s a popular dish because of how tasty it is, and because it’s easy for each person to create their own taco. It’s a great dinner that children love, and it’s super easy to make! Be careful though, it can get spicy! [...]

Destination: Mexico

Mexico is a country situated south of the USA. It’s is the country with the largest population of native Spanish speakers, and it is also one of the countries which has the biggest range of different plants and animals. Mexico has many wonderful cities and modern tourist areas, but also a lot of historical buildings! [...]