November 2012
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Something Delicious: Puppy Chow

This interestingly named snack has been a popular American food for many years. It is a common food eaten during travel or when spending time outdoors. It is especially popular in the state of Utah where hiking is a popular activity. Puppy Chow is mixture of melted chocolate, peanut butter and cereal coated with powdered [...]

Destination: Arches National Park, Utah

Arches National Park is an iconic American sightseeing location in the state of Utah. It is famous for the unique stone monuments that have formed there.

The beautiful red color of the stone attracts visitors from all over the world, who come to see the one of a kind views of nature.   The [...]

Grammar Corner

Two / To / Too

These words can be confusing because they sound the same when you hear them. Two means the number 2. Too means “also” or “as well”. To has many meanings.

Can you fill in the blank with the correct word?

Two / To / Too

Shall we meet at one [...]

Idiom of the Week: After You

People say after you when they want you to go first. For example, when you are walking into a room, someone may say “after you” at the doorway, and let you walk into the room first.   Mark: Let’s go to the movies now, Julia. Julia: Good idea. We can take your car. Mark: After [...]

Cool Corner: Wall Planter

You might have seen buildings with walls covered in plants, called living walls. Recently it has become very trendy to have living walls indoors as well. If you want to have a smaller living wall you can get a wall planter: a kind of flower pot that you put on your wall. You can plant [...]

Animal Fun Fact: Whaleshark

The whale shark is the largest fish in the world. The largest individual ever found was 12.65 meters long with a weight of 21.5 tons. Although these fish grow to a humongous size they mainly feed on small plants and animals called plankton. The whale shark can be seen in aquariums in Osaka, Okinawa, and [...]

Recommendation Corner: Love Actually

Love Actually is a British romantic comedy, filmed in 2003 and adored by many. The movie follows the stories of many couples in the busy Christmas season. The characters are all very different: some are old, some are young, and one is even the Prime Minister! The message of the movie is that love is [...]

Grammar Corner

Every Day English

Can you correct these sentences from Every Day English? The words are in the wrong order.

You did well sleep?

What would like you?

I, thanks yes, did.

This looks but delicious, I’ll never able be to it all finish.

Don’t worry about it, just leave what not you’re able to finish.


Idiom of the Week: Sweet Tooth

If you have a sweet tooth you really love to eat sweet foods, like cakes and chocolate.   Sarah: I love cake! It’s delicious! Megan: Me too! My mum says I have a sweet tooth!   Harriet: I think my favourite food is cake. I could eat cake all day! Penny: You have a sweet [...]

Merry Interview: Miho

Today our interview is with the always smiling staff member Miho! Miho has been working at Merry since 2005!

Name: Miho        Age: 31 Good at: Driving and smiling  

Q: What did you want to be when you were young? A: I wanted to be a dolphin or killer whale trainer. I [...]