December 2012
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Cool Corner: New Year’s Resolutions

A New Year’s resolution is something that you promise to do the next year, for the whole year. You make your resolution on New Year’s Eve, and you start on New Year’s Day.   When we make New Year’s resolutions we hope that they will make our lives better, but it can be very difficult [...]

Something Delicious: Moon Cheesecake

Sometimes in western culture we say that the moon is made out of cheese. We don’t really believe that it is made out of cheese, but we say it because the full moon sometimes looks like a big cheese in the sky. A delicious treat that looks like the full moon is a cheesecake! Why [...]

Destination: The Moon

A lot of people want to go to the moon, but only 24 people have been there. The moon is a gigantic piece of rock, and even though there is no water on the moon, it still has oceans! The moon is very beautiful, and you have a fantastic view of earth. Why not take [...]

Grammar Corner


He, she and they

You can use these instead of people’s names. Use he when you talk a man or boy and use she when you talk about a woman or girl. Use they when you talk about more than one person. For example: She is good at sports. He works at the train [...]

Idiom of the Week: I’ll Be There With Bells On

When you are going somewhere and you are really excited about it, you can say ‘I’ll be there with bells on’.   Jed: Mary, are you coming to the office Christmas party? Mary: Of course! I’ll be there with bells on.   Jane: Would you like to join us for Christmas dinner? Mike: I’d love [...]

Cool Corner: Santa’s Sleigh

On Christmas Eve Santa goes for a long ride in his magical sleigh to visit children all over the world. His sleigh doesn’t just have room for all the presents – it can fly too! Because the sleigh is many hundred years old, Santa’s elves are always really careful when they polish and paint it. [...]

Animal Fun Fact: Reindeer

Reindeer are found in Greenland, Alaska, Canada, Norway, and Finland. Both males and females have antlers, and males with bigger antlers are the leaders of their groups. Reindeer are famous for pulling Santa in his magical flying sleigh on Christmas Eve to deliver presents to children around the world! The names of Santa’s reindeer are [...]

Recommendation Corner: A Christmas Carol (The Muppet Christmas Carol)

When Christmas draws nearer we like to watch movies and read stories about Christmas, and one of the most classic Christmas stories is Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. It’s about a lonely man named Scrooge who doesn’t like Christmas or to spend any money. The night before Christmas he is visited by three ghosts, and [...]

Grammar Corner


I, you and we

Use these words instead of saying the name of the person, persons or thing.

Use I when you talk about yourself. Use the pronoun you when you talk TO SOMEONE else. Use we when you talk about yourself AND someone else at the same time. For example: I am [...]

Star of the Month

The Star of the Month for November is Koyabu Yui! Yui is a very smart girl who is excellent at role plays! She has recently been working really hard studying for her Eiken test, and has been doing great. Yui is a junior high school student who loves to read. She is good at pronunciation, [...]