January 2013
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Recommendation Corner: Water for Elephants

“Water for Elephants” is a story written by Sara Gruen about a young man who joins the circus by accident. The main character, Jacob, runs away one night from veterinary school when he learns that his parents have been killed in a car accident. When he is on the train he is told that it [...]

Grammar Corner

This / These / That / Those

You can use this or these to mean a thing or person (this), or things or people (these) that are near you.

You can use that or those to mean a thing or person (that), or things or people that (those) that are far away from you.


Idiom of the Week: Burning Question

When you have a burning question it is a question whose answer is important to everyone. A question that needs very much to be answered.   Teacher: Who knows the answer to this burning question? 2+2= ?   Alex: The burning question now is who won the election. Jane: Yes, I’m very excited to find [...]

Merry Interview: Ellie

The person who has been interviewed this week is our teacher Ellie. Ellie is a cheerful person who always has many funny stories to share!   Name: Ellie        Age: 28 Good at: Cleaning and making silly faces.  

Q: What was your favourite toy when you were little? A: I had two [...]

Something Delicious: Patagonian Black Welsh Cake

This cake has a very interesting history from Patagonia. When Welsh settlers arrived in Patagonia, they used all of the foods they could find in their pantry and made a cake that reminded them of home. What they made was delicious, and this traditional cake has since become a favourite in Patagonia.     Ingredients: [...]

Destination: Patagonia

Patagonia is a vast area of land located at the very bottom of South America between Argentine and Chile, holding some of the most diverse landscapes on Earth. Patagonia is a favorite destination for those wanting to experience the adventure of mountains, forests, and glaciers.   Patagonia has some of the most remote locations in [...]

Grammar Corner

The day after tomorrow/the day before yesterday

Remember the days of week? The day after tomorrow means two days after today. So, if today is Wednesday then the day after tomorrow is Friday. The day before yesterday means two days before today. So if today is Wednesday then the day before yesterday was Monday. [...]

Idiom of the Week: Sleep on It

When you sleep on it you wait before making an important decision. To sleep and wait until the next day in order to have more time to think about it.   David: Bill will you accept the new job in China? Bill: I don’t know yet. I will sleep on it and make my decision [...]

Fashion Corner: Hats

It’s very cold in the wintertime, which is the perfect time to wear hats! Hats are cool and stylish, and they keep you warm and cosy. If you don’t have a hat for the winter season then there are some stylish choices in the shops. If the day looks grey and dark then wearing a [...]

Animal Fun Fact: Hippopotamus

Hippopotamuses are one of the largest animals in the world (1,500–1,800 kg) along with elephants, rhinoceroses, and whales. Hippos can live in the water or on land and have the ability to walk on the bottom of a river. Even though they are extremely heavy animals, hippopotamuses can run faster than humans on land. Hippos [...]