February 2013
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Recommendation Corner: Singin’ in the Rain

Singin’ In The Rain is an incredible musical. It’s an old film but it is a classic. The film was made in 1952 in America and is a love story set in America in the 1920s. The film was so successful that it was made into a theatre play as well. The title of the [...]

Grammar Corner

Comma Splice

The comma is a commonly misused part of English grammar. A comma splice is the incorrect use of a comma to connect two independent ideas. To correct the comma splice, you can:

Replace the comma with a period to make two sentences Replace the comma with a semicolon Join the two ideas [...]

Idiom of the Week: All Over the Place

When someone or something is disorganised, you can say that it is all over the place. Imagine a messy room with things everywhere – things are all over the place.   Matthew: How is the project going? Kier: Not well. It’s all over the place.   Sandy: How is your Mum doing with the party [...]

Merry Interview: Aki

The beautiful Aki is the next staff member to be interviewed! She is a problem solver who loves animals and amuses everyone with stories about her adorable dog.  

Name: Aki        Age: Just turned 22 Good at: Running and doing animal voices. (The teachers say “Everything!”)  

Q: Where would you [...]

Something Delicious: Canary Islands’ Banana Cinnamon Pancakes

    Ingredients: 6 Canary Island bananas, peeled and mashed 4 tablespoons of flour, sifted with 1 teaspoon of baking powder Zest of 1 lemon 2 large eggs, separated 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 50 ml of milk Oil for frying Icing Sugar Salt


Blend the bananas with the flour and baking powder, lemon zest, [...]

Destination: Canary Islands, Spain

The Canary Islands are a group of 13 beautiful Spanish islands off the northwest coast of Africa. Every year around 12 million tourists visit the Canary Islands, probably because the climate is very good. The summers are warm and the winters don’t get too cold. There are lots of natural attractions there; the world’s third [...]

Grammar Corner


The use of the word anxious is a common grammar mistake.

Anxious should be used when you feel worried or scared. “I’m anxious to go on the new roller coaster”.

Eager should be used when you feel excited. “I’m eager to make new friends at school”.

Decide which of the following examples [...]

Idiom of the Week: Brighten Up My Day

If something good happens, or you see or hear something which makes you feel happy, you can say that it brightens up your day.   Julie: Here Mummy! I drew something for you! Mother: Thank you honey, this brightens up my day.   Kirsten: The latest episode of Glee really brightened up my day. Agnes: [...]

Fashion Corner : Black Watch Tartan

Tartan is a plaid pattern most commonly associated with Scotland. Black watch tartan was developed hundreds of years ago as a special pattern to be used by Scottish military. Over time the iconic plaid has become extremely popular and can be found on shirts, scarves and coats. The dark tartan blends well with cold weather, [...]

Animal Fun Fact: The Honey Badger

The honey badger, ratel, is found in Africa, Southwest Asia, and India. Known for its toughness and strength, the honey badger eats almost anything it can find. It has been reported that honey badgers have fought lions, buffalos, horses, and cattle just for food. Honey badgers have a coat that is resistant to things like [...]