February 2014
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Olympic Fever

Ruka made a great poster for her “Sports Olympics” for homework. Great job, Ruka. Keep it up!

Today’s Idiom

Today’s idiom is “coming down with something.” We use this phrase when we feel a little sick and think we might have a cold.

“I can’t stop sneezing! I think I’m coming down with something.”

Motivation to Move

One of our students brought in their new plastic board for writing. We couldn’t resist trying out these exercises in class (in English, of course)!

What’s your favourite move?

Travel planning…

Some of our Young Learners have been planning a trip abroad. Take a look at their presentations below…



Dear Diary…

Our student, Yumiko, has been keeping a diary in English since the start of this year. We love the faces she draws to show how she feels! Here are a couple of examples.

Here is our favourite…

If you would like to keep a diary [...]

The view from the window

After all the dazzling snow it was refreshing to see this from our office window.


The Winter Olympics at Merry

Our Young Learners are studying sports and hobbies at the moment. Here is a poster for “The Slow Olympics” held at Merry! I think I’d like to watch the figure skating on Friday.

What is that!

This week we were studying colours, shapes and textures with some of our Young Learners. We drew an animal showing a colour, shape, and texture. this is one of our masterpieces! It is a red, rocket-shaped dog! Can you guess what texture it is?


Welcome to the…

One of our talented Young Learners, Natsumi, designed this yummy looking menu for her restaurant. I’d like the Garlic Chicken topped with tomato sauce please!

Out of the Blue

Next week’s idiom is “Out of the blue”. When something happens “out of the blue” it is a surprise, sudden, unexpected.

“I got an email from an old friend out of the blue.”

What has happened to you recently that was “out of the blue”?