November 2018
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The Winter Olympics at Merry

Our Young Learners are studying sports and hobbies at the moment. Here is a poster for “The Slow Olympics” held at Merry! I think I’d like to watch the figure skating on Friday.

What is that!

This week we were studying colours, shapes and textures with some of our Young Learners. We drew an animal showing a colour, shape, and texture. this is one of our masterpieces! It is a red, rocket-shaped dog! Can you guess what texture it is?

Welcome to the…

One of our talented Young Learners, Natsumi, designed this yummy looking menu for her restaurant. I’d like the Garlic Chicken topped with tomato sauce please!

Out of the Blue

Next week’s idiom is “Out of the blue”. When something happens “out of the blue” it is a surprise, sudden, unexpected.

“I got an email from an old friend out of the blue.”

What has happened to you recently that was “out of the blue”?

Star of the Month

Our next Star of the Month is Motomi Maruyama. Motomi has really improved over the last few months. She always tries her best in class and even writes a diary in English. Keep up the good work! Below is an interview with Motomi, to find out a little more about her.

Q: What is your name?
A: My name is Motomi Maruyama.
Q: What do you do in your free time?
A: Usually I study English. In winter I like skiing, and in summer I like going to the seaside.
Q: How long have you been studying English?
A: For 7 months.
Q: What is your goal with English in life?
A: My nephews are really good at English. I want to talk in English with them. And I want to use English when I travel overseas.
Q: What’s your favourite English word or phrase?
A: I find it interesting how names of things like animals or flowers are often very short in Japanese but very long in English. For example, “kiku” (きく) is “chrysanthemum” in English.

Star of the Month

An interview with Makitani Kenta.
Our star of the month this time is Kenta Makitani.
Kenta’s pronunciation is excellent, he remembers everything he has learnt, and is a very enthusiastic learner.
Keep up the good work!

Star of the Month

Our stars of the month for September are kindergarten teachers Kondo Ai and Kuchiyama Kanae, and the patissiere Takahoto Atsuko. All three friends have bright and cheerful natures, and when together they are amazing fun to be around. Their ability to speak fluently and express themselves in English has improved dramatically while they’ve been at Merry. We’re expecting great things of them in the future!

Shopping for clothes…

Daijirou is buying some expensive clothes!

Little fashion designers! What is Ian wearing?

Star of the Month

Congratulations to Chisaki! She practiced Everyday English so much, and made a big effort with pronunciation. She sounded like a natural. Keep it up!